Robot Park

Robot Park, Roppongi Hills

Robot Park is located by the Sakura-zaka Residences next to Roppongi Hills.  It’s a small park, but it’s well-designed with safety in mind. It`s filled with contoured plastic slides, robot-designed spring-riders and a long rolling-pin slide to entertain the kids. Most of the ground is covered with a giant rubberized mat and there`s plenty of room to run around and climb. Your kids will love it.

Address: 6-16-46 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo (map)

Closest Station: Roppongi

Directions: From Roppongi Hills walk towards Keyakizaka Dori, pass Keyakizaka Bakery and the small, elevated man-made pond filled with Koi Fish. Cross the walkway towards your left, Robot Park is on your right.